Humanities Health Hub

At the Gower Heritage Centre

About Us

The Humanities Health Hub is a new educational facility set up in the heart of the Gower Heritage Centre. The team is made up of award winning educationalists and artists whose aim is to inspire Children and Young people through the humanities, heritage and creative activities to be the best they can be. Mindful, creative workshops are set up in a natural environment that will make a positive impact on a child’s health and wellbeing.

The Philosophy behind our workshops

History and the Humanities promote certain values and good citizenry are critical in the mandate of Humanities for children and young people. Through this way of learning, learners become responsible , reflective and active citizens who can make informed decisions and our programmes will help learners improve their capabilities to think critically as informed citizens.

Our programmes mutually complement citizenship education and history in achieving the holistic development of a child, and supports the quest for a peaceful society.The Humanities, Being Well and Being Human workshops encourage a deeper understanding of difference. Lessons from the past, both good and bad, are to be learned from the way our ancestors have interacted with other people who have different ways of living. Inclusivity is taught and embraced, no matter what!

Workshops & School Trips

Our workshops are suitable for Children and Young People from schools, youth groups and families. One off workshops can be booked or a series of workshops that cover half a term, term or year.

All our workshops start with a film or story in the new theatre for children as a stimulus for discussion and debate.

Tours of the Mill and its wonderful examples of Heritage through the ages

Creative and expressive activities will be set up in the Hub, Courtyard, Classroom or Katie’s studio to enrich the learning experience.

Humanities day trips and workshops examples include:

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