Our Philosophy

History and the Humanities promote certain values and good citizenry are critical in the mandate of Humanities for children and young people. Through this way of learning, learners become responsible , reflective and active citizens who can make informed decisions and our programmes will help learners improve their capabilities to think critically as informed citizens.

Our programmes mutually complement citizenship education and history in achieving the holistic development of a child, and supports the quest for a peaceful society.The Humanities, Being Well and Being Human workshops encourage a deeper understanding of difference. Lessons from the past, both good and bad, are to be learned from the way our ancestors have interacted with other people who have different ways of living. Inclusivity is taught and embraced, no matter what! 

Historical stories can inspire individuals to greatness. History remembers brilliant people and their heroic acts that have changed the shape of nations. Children get a huge amount of motivation from learning about the inspirational events that make up where we are today. It only takes one great story to light up a child’s imagination. History is not about memorising a list of facts or dates, it’s the study and connection of people and events that take into account ethnic groups, social trends, religions, philosophy and political orientation. 

Through our Being Well, Being Human programme Children and young people will have more of an understanding about mental and physical health, and citizenship through film, stories, expressive arts activities and philosophy sessions.